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Our litigation and negotiation techniques are designed to attain the highest amount of settlements for our clients prior to commencement of any action with minimum costs and expenses incurred.

About Us

Our firm was founded in June of 1995 by David F. Selki. He began practicing in the Los Angeles area as a business and real estate litigator after graduating from Whittier Law School in December of 1994. Having graduated from School of Engineering of the University of California at Los Angeles and worked as an engineer for number of years, David expanded his practice in the field of Intellectual Property as well as corporate law. David's dedication and skills has brought him recognition in his fields of practice. Based on the solid foundation that David has laid, the firm has enjoyed tremendous accomplishments and success over the years.


With offices in Los Angeles County, the firm provides the utmost professional and respectable services to its clients in the fields of Business, Real Estate, and Intellectual Property as well as other areas of law. The firm's dedicated attorneys and talented staff, having a broad range of technical background and legal experience, provide a full range of services to its most renowned clients throughout the firm's history of practice.

Commercial Transactions

Do you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through important commercial transactions and other legal challenges of your business? David Selki has been practicing law in the Los Angeles area since 1995.

With the reputation of your company on the line in all transactions and dealings with employees and customers, it is important that you have the legal support with experience and skill to fight effectively for you or your company's interests every step of the way. Our legal staff is dedicated to providing you with the skills and expertise in most areas of law that a business may encounter such as employment, corporations, real estate, and intellectual property. Our firm’s success is a testament to our ability to protect the rights of our clients and negotiate effectively on their behalf. We are committed to our clients’ success in navigating their legal challenges.

Business Litigation

Running a business is a task fraught with daily challenges - from maintaining peak productivity to adapting to the demands of new customers and new competition. And while day-to-day business decisions are best left to the experienced and capable hands of management, not all challenges that face businesses can be handled in-house. Specifically, many businesses frequently encounter legal challenges that can threaten the livelihood of their companies. Unfortunately, many such problems are not easily solved. And in these cases, legal skills - not just business skills - are necessary.

At our law offices we provide a variety of legal services for businesses in areas such as commercial transactions, patents, trademarks and copyright, real estate transactions and litigation, employment and other corporate law issues. David Selki has been serving Los Angeles businesses since 1995 and because of the diverse range of issues our firm handles, the office can be your go-to legal solution, receiving one-on-one expert legal advice at affordable costs.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to help our clients avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation when possible and appropriate. When appropriate or necessary however, our adversaries know that our lawyers will develop and implement hard-hitting and effective legal strategies, and that we are ready, willing and able to litigate and try cases before judges or juries and to obtain favorable results.